St. Albert Places of Peace

Hi, my name is Wes Brodhead and I am seeking your support to be reelected to St. Albert City Council on October 18th.

St. Albert is a larger city with close to 70,000 residents yet is uniquely known as a city that has retained a small town feel. I’ve spoken of St. Albert’s places of community and places of growth, but I also believe that St. Albert has retained a sense of a close community through what I am choosing to call it’s places of peace.

Peace is a word that has several meanings, one of which is a sense of serenity or a sense of wellbeing. It goes without saying that to have a sense of peace in a community, the pervading environment within it must be one where the residents feel safe.

St. Albert is known as one of the safest communities in all of Canada, and this is a tribute to the commitment of its people to live law abiding lives, but it is also a tribute to the fine work of the men and women of the local RCMP detachment. Being a frontline responder is hard, often thankless, and indeed a dangerous occupation.

I believe the elements that make a city great, that give the community its sense of vibrancy and wellbeing are made up of it’s places of peace, it’s places of community and its places of growth.

It is these elements that I commit to fostering in St. Albert and thereby continue to build a City that we are all proud to call home.

My name is Wes Brodhead and I seek your vote in support of my reelection to the St. Albert City Council on October the 18th.