Campaign Financing Disclosure

Campaign Financing Philosophy:

  • The Re-elect Wes Brodhead to St. Albert City Council 2021 campaign will plan to be self-funded.
  • The Re-elect Wes Brodhead campaign budget will be based on the maximum total value allowed for a self-funded campaign
  • No campaign donations will be solicited in any form either electronically or verbally.
  • Campaign donations will not be solicited from family members
  • Individuals who choose to donate unsolicited funds to the Re-elect Wes Brodhead campaign will be honoured for their generosity by accepting their gift.

Third Party Advertising Support:

  • The Re-elect Wes Brodhead to St. Albert City Council 2021 campaign has not knowingly received any third-party advertising support.

2021 Re-elect Wes Brodhead Campaign – Preliminary Expenses:

  • Campaign Yard Signs and Supports                                $   887.25
  • Campaign Brochures                                                              $1,351.35
  • Campaign Brochure Graphic Design                              $     50.00
  • Campaign Brochure Postal Mailout                                $   932.66
  • Campaign Video Production                                                 $1,350.00
  • Campaign Gazette Advertising (to date – approx.)  $   926.10
  • Total expenditures to date                                                       $5,497.36

Approximate anticipated costs yet to be accrued:    $   500.00

Campaign Donations Received to date – S. Leppky   $   100.00

Campaign Self-funded total – approximate as of October 15                         $5,897.36

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