A Caring Community

I am committed to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

Wes Brodhead

I am committed to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

Over the years, I have stated that St. Albert City Council must govern our community by adhering to high standards of respectful and professional discourse.  Council members must have a thorough understanding of the decisions under consideration, including the outcomes and consequences for St. Albert, now and in the future.   Council members, holding conflicting opinions, must exemplify dignity and respect during council discussions. Council behaviour must be above reproach.

St. Albert City Council sets the standard for our community and must demonstrate the caring, respective, and inclusive behaviour that our citizens deserve and expect from their elected leaders. Bullying and abusive behaviour toward citizens or administration can never be considered or defined as exemplary, even when such behaviour is contained within the “trappings” of detailed Councillor questioning or commentary.  Council must be professional and courteous, even when positions offered from the gallery or from administration are contrary to personal stance or to what is believed to be factual. Council conduct reflects on the community and must exemplify the behaviour that is expected from all who have made St. Albert home.

Council leads in establishing community norms by the behaviours and narratives spoken and modelled.  Our actions and dialogue within Council chambers, as well as the decisions we make and what we celebrate, form the narratives that validate the cultural norms of our community.

Celebrating and supporting the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples of our community demonstrates what it means to be inclusive, respectful, and engaging.  I believe that our community will recognize and strengthen these initiatives.  If we do more than speak appropriately and implement substantive community actions in line with the Truth and Reconciliation report, if we partner with the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in all aspects of community life, St Albert will continue its mission to be a caring community.

The principle of respect and inclusivity applies to all segments of St. Albert society who face systemic barriers to freely participating in community life.  This includes visible minorities, LGBTQ2S+, disabled, elderly, the abused and all those who face daily hardship or discrimination in all its forms.

St. Albert, we are a wonderful community in which to live, learn work and play. 

Let us commit to making our community a place where all peoples can attest to this truth.

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