Affordable Housing Options

I am committed to pursuing the expansion of affordable housing stock within St. Albert.

Wes Brodhead

I am committed to pursuing the expansion of affordable housing stock within St. Albert.

Seniors wishing to downsize from their current home to a smaller, more manageable residence, or affordable “senior lodge” or assisted living facility, face a bleak housing environment in St. Albert. The need to advocate for more seniors affordable housing has never been more urgent.

At present, seniors represent 17.9% of St. Albert’s population

The waiting period to enter affordable seniors housing in our city can be extensive – often up to three years.  The city needs to make a concerted effort to find land to build affordable accommodations for our aging population, St. Albert can develop more affordable housing, many willing development partners are waiting.  Finding land is the key! 

All housing costs continue to escalate.

To remain or locate in St. Albert, young people ready to “leave home” or young families seeking to purchase their first family dwelling require affordable housing options.  Despite recent new style developments, and new build forms being introduced into St. Albert, young families still need options to establish themselves in our community. 

Options include the opportunity to purchase quality entry level housing as well as the introduction of innovative city policies that allow new styles of “mortgage helper” suites to be built. 

These types of policies have been found to work in other communities.  They will work in St. Albert as well.

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