Economic Development

St. Albert must aggressively pursue economic development to stay competitive as a municipality within our region. Attracting commerce benefits our community in many ways.

New businesses add significant tax revenue to our city, which eases the tax burden on the residential rate payer.  For individuals, new businesses offer fresh employment opportunities close to home, which reduces commuting time and costs.  For our established business community, increased commercial activity within our municipal boundary, will generate a synergistic effect of improving the economic fortunes of all business located in St. Albert.

How is this goal of economic development accomplished?

  1. Work cooperatively with the  Edmonton Global  to jointly solicit international business to locate within the region.
  2. Retain the City owned lands within the Lakeview District to meet municipal land needs and spur light industrial land development within that area of St. Albert.
  3. Strongly support the work of the Economic Development Advisory Board and NABI to foster and support home-grown businesses within our community.
  4. Ensure all business parks are serviced with reliable high-speed access to internet services.
  5. Provide civic resources to address backlogs in all city permitting processes.
  6. Streamline, where possible, the development permit process without the introduction of further regulatory review bodies.