Platform 2017

St. Albert Votes on October 16, 2017

Every four years, the community of St. Albert comes together to elect a City Council.

Every vote counts; every voice matters.

I believe we can face the future with confidence, and continue to build the award-winning community that our forefathers have created over the past 150 years.  We have the wisdom, strength, creativity, determination and the resources to face the challenges of tomorrow and compete with any city in our capital region, province and country.   We have proven it and have the rankings and awards to show for it.

In the weeks ahead, we have the opportunity to ask important questions and review the issues and challenges that accompany a thriving and growing city. Together, we will choose the way in which St. Albert will grow and develop.

I am honoured to present my 2017 platform to our community and look forward to the conversations that will take place in the coming weeks.

Respectful Council
St. Albert Youth Engagement
Affordable Housing Options
Economic Development
Regional Collaboration
Sustainable Growth

I have been privileged to serve seven years as Councillor of our great City of St. Albert.  I ask for your continued support on Election Day, October 16, 2017.

Wes Brodhead
St. Albert Councillor