Platform 2013

 Re-Elect  Brodhead to St. Albert City Council 

Wes is More:

  • Community Centered. Growth should enhance our quality of life!
    Ensure engineering standards for new developments maintain St. Albert’s unique community feel
    Expand Red Willow Trail to all new developments
    Complete Safety infrastructure in support of the Train Whistle Cessation Bylaw
    Start a measured development of the French Heritage Farm site
    Pursue the development of the Kingswood Park site
  • Business Focused. Streamlined Processes should encourage development & business success!
    Promote business development south of the Enjoy Centre
    Support business growth through the provision of affordable housing options to ensure local labour supply
    Development underway in the new “Employment Lands”
    Continued growth along the St. Albert Trail corridor
    Full build out of North Campbell Business Park and development underway in South Campbell
  • Environmentally Conscious.   What we do today should improve tomorrow!
    Continue construction of the Sturgeon River outfall upgrade program
    Fund the Grey Nun’s White Spruce Forest Park plan
    Complete installation of the St. Albert air quality monitoring station
    Establish a second phase of the low flush toilet rebate program
  • Fiscally Responsible. Civic Growth Should Pay for Itself!
    Ensure inflationary levy increases with growth supporting new service requirements
    Review utility franchise fee structures to ensure St. Albert’s system provides equity with competing municipalities
    Pursue regional service provision opportunities to reap local service cost savings
  • Senior and Youth Aware. Plans today should accommodate tomorrow’s needs!
    Advocate for provincial funding for Phase 2 of Northridge Lodge
    Create a vision for St. Albert’s next “Chateau Mission Court”
    Work underway on a new St. Albert Senior’s Community Centre
    Establish a second phase of the Basement Suite Support program
    Identify resources and supports for Youth who will benefit
    Develop the Youth Mountain Bike Skills Park in an appropriate location

On October 21 re-elect  Wes Brodhead to St. Albert City Council!