Smart and Innovative City Financing

Smart and Innovative City Financing. Our citizens expect their Councillors to be prudent and wise but balanced with the courage to examine new methods of revenue generation.

Regional Collaboration Leading to Efficient City Services

Working together for the benefit of all municipalities requires a cooperative mindset which understands that the best outcome for all will require a give-and-take of thoughts and opinions and a determination to persevere through the difficult formative stages to realize the desired goal. This can be done!  We have proven it so!

Affordable Housing

I am committed to pursuing the expansion of affordable housing stock within St. Albert.

Sustained Economic Development

St. Albert must aggressively pursue economic development to stay competitive as a municipality within our region. Attracting commerce benefits our community in many ways.

Sustainable Community Growth

Civic growth requires a response in concert with current legislation, market forces, and community standards. Over the last four years, much has been done, yet more is needed.

Let’s Talk About Covid-19

Since March of 2020, the world has suffered with a vicious communicable disease named COVID-19.  St. Albert has not escaped the ravages of this disease and while there have been advances in the prevention and treatment of COVID, the impact of this contagion continues. After careful consideration, here is my position on COVID-19 restrictions. Since…