Seeking Your Support

Hello, my name is Wes Brodhead and today I’m seeking your support to be re-elected to St. Albert City Council on October 18th.

 St. Albert is well known within the Edmonton Metropolitan region and indeed across Canada as a wonderful place to live, to raise a family, to educate your children or to start a business, all within an environment of beautiful trees, trails, and parks along the Sturgeon River. St. Albert is this exciting community where one can truly live, learn, work and play. In short, a place to call home.

A city like St. Albert does not grow into a wonderful community over-night.  The success of our community is built on the decisions of our civic leaders over time.  Decisions made have historical impact, some positive, some not so much so.  Recently, the truth of this statement has been proven yet again.  Nonetheless, it is important to embrace our history, right the wrongs of the past while celebrating its successes, but most of all to learn from the past to enable a more perfect community for our future.

St. Albert will continue to grow.  Our city has grown from a small city of 31,000 in 1980 to approximately 70,000 in 2021.  Change of this magnitude requires experienced, strategically focused leadership to ensure the community that we know, and love continues to be the place that we are proud to call home.  As we grow, the needs of our community grow as well.  New fire halls, new recreation facilities, new transportation systems, are all required; and what we already have needs to be maintained.  New innovative civic funding sources need to be cultivated and the existing services the city delivers needs to be provided in efficient and effective ways that maximize the benefit while minimizing the cost to the user.  To meet these needs, a spirit of creativity and innovation is required within City Hall and our community needs to collaborate with municipal neighbours to deliver services that promote economies of scale and eliminates costly duplication of effort.

Friends, the municipal election on October 18th will determine the future of St. Albert.  Please join me in building the community that we will continue to be proud to call home.

My name is Wes Brodhead. I am an experienced Councillor. I think strategically and I have a proven ability to collaborate with our municipal neighbours.

I ask for your support on October 18th in being re-elected to St. Albert City Council.