Grateful to Live in St. Albert: Seniors Classic Christmas Luncheon

Christmas is a wonderful time of year when friends and families come together to create special memories.

Christmas is also a time when loneliness and need are more deeply felt.

The difference between these two extremes is an outcome of many influences, but one thing is certain, living within a compassionate community gives hope and joy.

The community of St. Albert is strong and resilient because we care about our neighbours and recognize that others may be experiencing difficult times.  Our community fosters a spirit of empathy and gratitude which welcomes all who have made St. Albert home.

The challenges of life are best shared with others. As T.A. Webb wrote, “a burden shared is a burden halved.”  While the hard challenges of life are not the sole purview of those of advanced years, often they do have to face them alone – and alone, hope and joy seem distant.

On Thursday morning, the Seniors Classic Christmas Luncheon was held and a room full of seniors from around St. Albert enjoyed a great lunch, experienced festive music and joined together to joyfully sing Christmas Carols.

I was honoured to attend and participate in the warmth and happiness of this holiday season.

Joy to the World indeed!

Thank you to Dawne Fowler and her team of volunteers for holding a wonderful event!

Grateful to live in St. Albert.





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  1. Ms Frances says:

    Thank you for this valuable post. It is so good for us of advanced age to be respected and remembered. This is such a good article and so well written. Thank you.

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