A Holistic Orientation – The Foundation for a Successful Council Term

Thank you, St Albert for giving me your trust and returning me to the office of Councillor for another 4-year term.  I look forward, with great anticipation, to serving our vibrant community. In the days that followed the October 16th election, I participated in a valuable organizational orientation characterized by a rich and dynamic dialogue.

The goal of any newly elected governing body, such as a city council, must be to embrace the challenge of transforming from a dissimilar group of individuals with varying agendas and values into a team which is able, irrespective of individual goals, to work collaboratively for the good of those governed.

In our Council orientation, we covered the basic elements of organization, including St. Albert’s current strategic objectives and operational and financial state of affairs. We discussed important topics relating to our governance structures and guiding principles. This orientation provided a common administrative understanding for all new, as well as returning, Councillors, strengthening our resolve to conduct fruitful discussions and seek beneficial outcomes for St. Albert.

I am committed to foster a collaborative spirit in the coming years and will bring my best efforts to Council. I am confident that our orientation process provided all Council members with a solid organizational foundation that will allow for a productive term in office. I look forward to work with fellow Councillors for the greater good of St. Albert.