Thank you, St. Albert

Thank you, St. Albert

Thank you, St. Albert, for placing your trust in me and returning me to the office of Councillor for another 4-year term.

The 2017 Campaign was pivotal in bringing our community together to seek positive outcomes for St. Albert, now and for future generations.  I appreciated the many comments that I received over the past weeks that confirmed my belief that St. Albert’s success depended upon a collaborative approach, both locally and regionally.

St. Albert will continue to grow, given our advantageous location, first-class amenities and vibrant community.  I believe that growth will benefit St. Albert, provided we employ a strategic mindset and manage development appropriately and in keeping with the values of our community.

St. Albert can face the future with confidence, and continue to build the award-winning City that our forefathers have created over the past 150 years.  We have the wisdom, strength, creativity, determination and the resources to face the challenges of tomorrow and compete with any city in our capital region, province and country.   We have proven it and have the rankings and awards to show for it.

An election is always a team effort. Thank you to the many people who offered their wisdom, understanding and stamina to get all the work done.

First, to my wife Marilyn – A life time of “thank yous” would not be enough to convey what you mean to me.

My gratitude to Ben Brodhead, for being an excellent campaign manager.  To Rebecca, my social media and blogging alchemist, you transformed common base metal ramblings into comments of pure gold! To my family:  Aaron, Erica, Stephanie, Taylor, Brian, Martha Jean, Tessa, Abbie, Thomas, and Don –  a heartfelt thank you for all your blood, sweat and tears on my behalf and for the community of St. Albert.  To my mother who travelled from Vancouver to be in St. Albert for election day – thank you for demonstrating, over the years, that a co-operative attitude fosters a spirit of community.

To Dave, Dawne and Andrew thank you for your steadfast support – through yet another campaign. And to the army of people who delivered my brochures – thank you. While there are too many to mention, I would be remiss without a shout out to these: Stacy, Phil, Brennan and Malcom, Tom, Terry, John, Paul, Gabriel, Silas, Brady, Kevin, Eve, Gerry, Dan, Cliff, Valerie and Judy.