Vision Matters

St. Albert Election 2017 is a choice between leadership visions.

In this election, St. Albert citizens have been presented with three different visions of the future for our fair city.  Each of us must decide which vision best represents our preferred future.

Every vote counts, every voice matters.

I have been privileged to work with all three mayoral candidates.  Each are talented and experienced politicians. Each will serve St. Albert, based on their vision of what is best for the future of St. Albert.  Should the people of St. Albert graciously choose to re-elect me to office it would be my honour to work with any of the three.

Elections, however, are winner-take-all propositions. Consequently, each citizen who chooses to vote for Mayor, must make a single choice of the three.

My ballot will have an “X” next to the name Cathy Heron.  Why?

I have worked with Cathy Heron for the last seven years.  Over that time, I witnessed her dedication to serve the citizens of St. Albert.  I observed her work ethic as she volunteered for both CRB and AUMA committees in addition to her St. Albert responsibilities.  I valued her wisdom as she has articulated her positions on the many issues facing our community.  It is this body of work that compels me to support her candidacy.

I can not offer any stronger backing than to say, “Cathy has my vote!”