Grateful to Live in St. Albert – St. Albert Public Library


Today we found treasure!

Where you might ask?  At the St. Albert Public Library!

The library was a buzz of activity when my wife and I  visited this morning.

People came with a purpose.  Many searched the meticulously organized bookshelves for recreational reading material and videos; others accessed internet facilities, or read local newspapers and magazines.  Children played in the children’s area, while students, young and old, studied at the conveniently located tables and desks that offered a quiet atmosphere.

Whoever walks through our library doors, is greeted with a warm and friendly ambiance.

The St. Albert Library is our community gathering place where all are welcome.

While my wife searched for specific information on trees, I was intrigued by the display of original art by a local artist.  Both of us left with more than we imagined.  My wife with knowledge of trees and me with an original creation by a local artist to liven up our home.

Libraries are considered a “third space.”  They provide a home away from home (first space) and a place to relax after work or school (second place).  While they are and will always be information centres, they are also significant community hubs which feel like the city’s living room where neighbours frequently cross paths and share a friendly chat.

St. Albert Library serves a vital educational purpose.  Our library offers user-focused, service-rich environments that support contemporary, social and educational patterns of learning and research.  Our library enables the exercise and acquiring of life-long learning and information gathering skills that will allow citizens to use and access information  long after the completion of their formal education.

Today, as we celebrate International Literacy Day, we should acknowledge the gift of living in Canada. Even so, as a community, we need to recognize, that while Canada’s literacy rate is the envy of many nations, much work remains to be done to raise our level to the world’s best.

To quote Lois Hole, “Libraries have been and shall always be the engines of civilization’s progress.”

The St. Albert Public Library – community hub and information centre.  Yet another reason why I’m grateful to live in St. Albert.