Grateful to Live in St. Albert – Celebrating Civic Volunteers

Celebrating St. Albert’s Civic Volunteers – September 6, 2017

It was a spectacular St. Albert evening.

The warm and inviting atmosphere along the banks of the Sturgeon River outside of City Hall added elegance and beauty to the evening festivities.

As a community, we came together to celebrate the generous St. Albertans who volunteer to serve on civic boards and agencies.

Members of the St. Albert Library Board, Economic Development Advisory Board, Environmental Advisory Board, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Assessment Review Board and Community Services Advisory Board were all recognized for their years of volunteer service.

St. Albert is an outstanding place to live for a host of reasons. But chief among these reasons is the commitment of many of its citizens to selflessly serve the community without compensation.  They do so because they have found their community worthy.  Worthy as community in which to live, worthy as a community in which to raise their family and worthy as a community to invest their time and talent.

To the St. Albert citizens who volunteer their time to serve on community boards and agencies – thank you.

You embody yet another reason why I’m grateful to live in St. Albert.


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