Grateful to Live in St. Albert – Rock’N August

What a weekend!

Rock’N August in St. Albert is an event that you don’t want to miss!

It’s a week of fun activities with street dances, free BBQs and other gatherings all culminating with a Saturday showcase of classic cars restored to their original glory.

Rock’N August is just one of many events held in St. Albert that transforms a mid-sized City into a true community.


While there are entire books written about “community,” simply put, community is formed when people gather because they have a shared sense of norms, values, beliefs or a common sense of place.

We live in St. Albert – this is what we have in common.

What is most gratifying –  many of St. Albert’s festivities bring us together to help others.

The Rock’N August event supports the Diabetes Foundation.

We, who live in St. Albert, came together to enjoy a festival, but for all the fun, we accomplished so much more!

This week St. Albertans moved us closer to the vision statement of the Alberta Diabetes Foundation:  “A world without diabetes.”

“Alone we can do so little – together we can do so much!”

Helen Keller

Grateful to live in St. Albert!