The Collective Serving St. Albert

The Collective is Council’s best decision to serve the young men and women of St. Albert.
The Collective – Serving St. Albert

This past week, I was honoured to spend an afternoon with the vibrant team at The Collective.  This remarkable organization is dedicated to the young people of St. Albert.

I was an enthusiastic supporter of The Collective when the idea was first proposed to Council. Even in the conceptual stage, this initiative offered our young people excellent opportunities to access resources, experience social inclusion and develop a retail business.

The Collective has garnered success beyond our initial expectations, benefiting our youth, and St. Albert, as a whole.

The Collective helps our youth to access needed social supports.  The quiet and confidential counselling meeting spaces provide a safe haven for them to receive the help they so desperately need.  The individuals who provide guidance in this area are god-sends to our community. They are true heroes and a compelling testament for St. Albert’s commitment to the next generation.

The Collective encourages the entrepreneurial spirit. The Marketplace is a space where young adults ages 18 to 28 have an opportunity to enter into a business venture and flourish as entrepreneurs.  Business skills are honed through instruction provided by NABI.  This is no soft touch.  Young businessmen and businesswomen are challenged to be fully engaged in their business venture.

Finally, The Collective offers “The 300.”  “The 300” is prime retail space in downtown St. Albert – sized (you guessed it) 300 square feet.  This space gives small business owners the opportunity to test out their product for 6 – 12 months.  The rental cost they pay for this space is used to defray The Collective’s programming costs.

St. Albert, please take a moment when you are downtown and stop in at The Collective.  It is worthy of your time and our support! The strength of a community comes from investing in organizations that foster public service.

“Young people are valued, actively engaged and receive the necessary support to develop positively”

The Collective Mission Statement


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  1. Wes Brodhead says:

    Bob, Hopefully, you received my other email answering your questions. I have yet to post your questions to my blog as your email contains personal information. Let me know what you wish and I’ll act accordingly.

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