Grateful to Live in St. Albert – Celebrating Our Heritage

St. Albert has a rich history and one worthy of celebration and preservation.

Since 1861, when Bishop Tache blessed the original mission site overlooking the Sturgeon River valley, St. Albert has grown into a vibrant community renowned for its ranking as one of the best cities in which to live in Canada.

St. Albert R.C.P. S.D.3

Just like any growing community, St. Albert has experienced triumphs and tragedies as it has grown from a small mission village into a thriving city of over 65,000.  From the construction of the first bridge across the Sturgeon in 1862, which was in fact the first bridge built west of the Great Lakes, to the construction of St. Albert’s iconic City Hall in 1984, the citizens of our community have had to sacrifice to make our community great.

Celebrating our Heritage at Founders’ Walk 1861-2011

Today, we celebrate the unique history of St. Albert, highlighting its First Nations, Metis and French heritage. We honour our past and we allocate valuable resources to ensure its preservation.  From the renovation of the Banque d’Hochelaga to the restoration of Juno House to the development of the Healing Gardens, St. Albert is intent on learning from its history, both the positive and negative.  As a community, we do this to ensure our children learn lessons from our history and inspire them to continue the good work of past generations.

Celebrating our heritage – another reason why I’m grateful to live in St. Albert!