Grateful to Live in St. Albert

St. Albert, by any measure, is a beautiful City in which to live, learn, work and play.   Why is this so?

Red Willow Trail

Beyond the God-given advantages of a river valley and a nearby lake, St. Albert is a beautiful city because, as a community, we have chosen to make it so.

Our decisions have created a City that reflects the natural beauty of our environs.   As a community, we dedicated scarce financial resources to plant trees, build parks, construct trails, landscape our roadways.  That was only the first step.  Next, we ensured that the health and vitality of these amenities were maintained at a high standard.

These services are available and easily accessible to our community.   If you look out over Big Lake and then stroll by the river along the Red Willow Trail past the Trestle Bridge, by City Hall, through downtown and Braeside, by Woodlands and the Botanical Gardens and finally on to Kingswood Park, you will experience the proof of sound choices.

Last year, in the most extensive public engagement process in St. Albert’s history, the citizens of our community created a vision for St Albert 50 years into the future.  One of the pillars of this 50-year plan is to embrace the environment of our city. Together, we determined to grow our community from natural surroundings.  We chose to preserve our environment and enhance it as our City continues to grow.  Our stated intent is to pledge resources to build our City consistent with the values that have made our community great.

We, who have made St. Albert our home, are the beneficiaries of the St. Albertans of the past.  We cannot forget their hard work and sacrifice.  I am resolved that the St. Albert of the future will honour their legacy.  The City of St. Albert in 2067 will be just as awe-inspiring as it is in 2017.

We would not want it any other way.  I am grateful to live in St. Albert!

The Red Willow Trail