Championing Affordable Housing for St. Albert Seniors

North Ridge Lodge, Homeland Housing

St. Albert’s shortage of affordable housing has reached critical levels. Nowhere is the need so great than for our seniors who face up to a three-year wait for affordable accommodations within Homeland Foundation facilities.  Without doubt, this delay is far too long for our seniors requiring appropriate affordable housing.

Yesterday, I joined Gord Putnam, Chair of Homeland Housing and Dennis Magnusson, CEO of Homeland Housing, in a face-to-face discussion with Kim Armstrong, the Deputy Minister of Alberta Seniors and Housing.  The goal of our meeting was to present the urgent business case for affordable seniors housing in the Homeland Housing area of responsibility.  Our specific intention was to introduce a 196-unit housing project proposed for St. Albert.

The project would consist of 80 seniors lodge units, 20 of which would be identified as supportive (nursing care) living units, and 20 of which would be designated dementia care units.  The remaining 116 units would be reserved for affordable housing units available to residents of various age groups.  A number of these units, yet to be determined, would be set aside for those individuals with special needs.

I believe strongly that St. Albert needs to advocate to both the provincial and the federal governments to fund this new project in our community. As Councillor, I will champion this project as well as search for opportunities in which to increase the overall stock of affordable housing in St. Albert.

While a funding commitment has not yet been secured from the Deputy Minister, the process to see this project through to a successful conclusion is underway!  Every journey to a realize a worthwhile goal starts with the first step.

Today was step one!

Affordable Housing, 21 Mont Clare Place