Announcement to Seek Third Term

Wes Brodhead: Experenced.Involved.Dedicated

It is with pleasure that I announce my intention to seek a third term as Councillor for the City of St. Albert.

Over my two terms as Councillor, I have had the pleasure of serving and building our community.  My passion to serve has not waned over the years; instead it has fanned into a bonfire of enthusiasm to continue to build the best City in which to live in Alberta and indeed, Canada.  I’m experienced, honourable and innovative.  I bring a unique set of skills and experiences that have served St. Albert well during my tenure as Councillor.

My commitment to the City of St. Albert is unwavering. I will use my knowledge and abilities to continue to shape St. Albert to meet the requirements of our community now, and for generations that follow.  I envision a future that pays respect to all who have made St. Albert a great place to live. Their hard work and efforts have prepared St. Albert to welcome and enjoy the best of modern civic planning ideals.

I am a man of integrity who believes that my word is my bond and that there should be no dissonance between my private and public life.  I absolutely reject the premise that democratic discourse needs to be acrimonious to be effective.  I  believe there is no case for pejorative commentary from Councillors toward fellow Councillors, the Mayor, administrative staff or members of the public. I welcome open and honest debate that seeks positive outcomes for our community.

I affirm planning principles that maintain our City’s botanical image, trail system, tree canopy and environmental consciousness.  I support and encourage new building forms that offer housing options that enable both our youth and seniors to affordably remain in our community.

On October 16, 2017 please vote WES BRODHEAD for Council.


  1. Dawne Fowler says:

    So exciting, Wes. You’re the Best Counselor ever! You will always have my support.

    1. Wes Brodhead says:

      Thank you Dawne. A generous and encouraging post!

  2. Ms Frances says:

    I am excited and pleased to see that you have chosen to seek a third term.

    1. Wes Brodhead says:

      Thank you Ms Frances. I, too, am excited to serve for a third term.

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