Thank You St. Albert

Thank you St. Albert for once again placing your trust in me and returning me to the office of Councillor for another 4 year term.

While an election is always a team effort, I do need to thank a few people as without their help, I would not have had the wisdom, understanding or stamina to get all the work done.

First, to my wife Marilyn – A life time of “thank yous” won’t be enough to convey what you mean to me.  By the way, the tulips are from Marilyn’s garden!

Second – the team!

Dave, Dawne, Matt, Stephanie, Aaron, Erica, Owen, Taylor, GMA, Rebecca, Sarah, Ben, Brian, Martha Jean, Jeremy, Jim, Kevin, Tom, Heidi, Cliff, Jim, my colleagues from work and many others.

Thank you.


  1. Clanmother says:


  2. Chuck says:

    Congratulations again my friend! Well deserved!

  3. Frances Brodhead says:

    Congratulations. This should be an exciting and rewarding tern,

  4. Elizabeth Jones says:

    Congratulations Wes!! Keep up the great work!

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