An Elected Official!! – Why?

One of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked while running for elected office during the last two elections is: Why do you want to put your name forward to be an elected Councillor for the City of St. Albert? The interesting thing is that when someone asks this question, they really are looking for that snappy sound bite answer that they can use to make a quick assessment as to what the candidate stands for and who they are.  The problem with a response like “I just want to serve the community” or “I believe I can contribute to the governance process” or “I’m running because a number of people asked me to” is that the statement neither provides insight into who the candidate is nor what they stand for.  At best, these answers provide a value statement by the candidate regarding community service, desire to contribute or response to a call for leadership.   The electorate, in researching who to support with their vote, need a more in-depth response to the question at hand. So why am I running for Council in St. Albert?

Seeking your support on October 21st!
Seeking your support on October 21st!

Well, I want to serve my community, contribute to the governing process and I want to respond to a call for leadership!! However, to fulfill these commitments, I offer the following reasons as to why I believe I can effectively serve as a St. Albert Councillor. The most significant element that I bring to the Council table is my 35 years of municipal service delivery.  I managed a municipal work unit that employed over 1700 individuals working in 5 geographically dispersed locations.  My annual budget responsibility was in excess of $100 Million.  Consequently, I have had to ensure business processes were lean and effective while balancing fiscal responsibility with the insatiable demand for more public service. Additionally, I’ve served on many community boards during my life.  These boards encompassed wide ranging businesses from credit unions, management associations, industrial associations, civic agencies to church boards.  These experiences have taught me the necessity of working collaboratively with others in order to achieve mutual goals.  I am a long time resident of St. Albert and have raised my family in this community and have had the privilege of seeing both grown and married children settle in this community as well.  As a result, I have a vested interest in ensuring our city continues to be the wonderful community it has always been.  My children and grandchildren deserve no less.  Finally, I have three years of experience as a municipal councillor.  This provides a certain level of competency in dealing with local and regional political matters.  As well, while the St. Albert Councillor position is deemed to be “part-time,” the reality of the demands of the job is that it is much more than just “part-time.”  As an individual who has had the experience of trying to balance a full time job with the demands of being a councillor I understand the limitations that working full time places on an individual’s ability to fulfill their councillor duties.  I am now retired from my full time job and therefore able to be fully available to complete all daytime commitments of being a councillor. So on October 21st, I am seeking your support of my bid to serve a second term as a St. Albert Councillor.   I have the vision, knowledge, experience, energy and time to fulfill my commitment to serve. Vote Brodhead on October 21st.

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