K-Days Parade with the Edmonton Salutes Committee

One of the privileges of being a councillor for the City of St. Albert is the opportunity to represent our city on regional boards and committees.  My appointment to the Edmonton Salutes committee is one such privilege.

So what is the Edmonton Salutes Committee and what does it do?  Well in short, the Committee was established to promote and recognize our regional military community contributions.  This recognition to encompass not only local contributions of the military but also contributions abroad as they seek to serve peace, and help establish security and stability in troubled area of our world.  The further intent of the committee is to reinforce to all that military personnel and their families are valued members of the Edmonton Capital Region.  St. Albert is fortunate to be home to approximately one-third of all the military personnel living in the Alberta Capital Region.

A highlight of my first term in office was the opportunity to welcome home, from Afghanistan, a flight of returning soldiers.  These men and women had just completed a tour of duty in a very dangerous part of the world and had represented Canada with grace and distinction.  While some may question the mission our country sent our soldiers to complete, the dedication and sacrifice of those men and women – and their families – that answered our country’s call should never be questioned.  I was truly humbled to meet these soldiers as they arrived back in Canada and the fact that they landed back in the capital region in the middle of the night at 02:30 certainly did not dampen their enthusiasm to be home.

On Friday July 19, I was able to represent the City of St. Albert as a representative to the Edmonton Salutes Committee in the annual K-Days parade.  A beautiful morning with many, many people in downtown Edmonton taking in the event.  Over the course of the parade, I was happy to see many St. Albert residents taking in the festivities.

Ladies and gentlemen, what ever your political persuasion, please honour and support our troops – they deserve it!

K-Days Parade   A proud St. Albert representative to the Edmonton Salutes Committee "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!"
K-Days Parade
A proud St. Albert representative to the Edmonton Salutes Committee